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In 2005 Martijn Schell Ski & Mountaineering was founded by the Dutch mountain guide Martijn Schell. Thanks to his very unique and personal approach, he took very good care of his guests, and his name soon became a reference in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2012, the Powder Guides Association was founded by Martijn Schell and François Lombard for the ever-growing winter program. 

It is based on the same core and ideas as Martijn Schell Ski & Mountaineering and consists a team of 7 IFMGA certified mountain guides. All together, this team gathers a lot of experience. Not only will they teach you with no lost of enthusiasm the basics of freeriding or ski touring, and help you improve your skills very fast, but they are also involved in professional training. And this last point makes them up to date on every latest trick in the profession.


Every PowderGuides tour is led by an IFMGA certified mountain guide (International Federation of Mountain Guides Association). This is the highest professional status and the only global certification for guiding in the mountains. The Alps, the natural habitat of all team member guides, are full-time guiding during wintertime. The only way to provide deep knowledge of the immense terrain.

Powder Guides is a registered organization ensured by the French Syndicate of Mountain Guides (SNGM), recognized by the Ministry of Sports in Gap (France) and the APRIAM. All mountain guides are also connected on their own to a national association of mountain guides and are personally insured. 

High quality through craftsmanship

Of course, freeriding is today easier and faster than before, and the mountain world has become a little more accessible, but we want to turn every single person’s experience into something unique. This is why, for instance, we never take big groups out in the mountains. Our maximum group size is 6 people per guide and in rougher, more exposed alpine terrain, this number will be decrease even more. This allows us to make no concession on quality or safety, and to give every guest enough personal space and attention to improve.

All our programs are home made. And with our experiences in the terrain, we are adapting our programs too!

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