Groenland Oostkust

Skitouring expedition to the stunning glaciers beyond the polar circle.


Week 17 27 April - 08 May 2021



. 9 days full guiding
. 9 nights accommodation with breakfast and dinner
. 2 nights in guesthouse in Reykjavik with breakfast
. transfers
. safetyequipement (transceiver-shovel-probe)
. sathphone and gun for safety reasons
. organizational costs

Not included:
. flight to Reykjavik.
. flight to Kulusuk
. 2 nights diner in Reykjavik
. avalanche airbag
. sleeping bag, -15º, mattress
. lunches and drinks
. gear
. travel insurance

. 5 participants per guide
. in case of 4 participants there will be additional cost of 240,- euros per person


  • Descend
  • Ascend
  • Physical condition

This unique 12-day ski touring trip brings us to the endless snow and ice landscape of Greenland's east coast. Early spring is the best time for polar expeditions, as it gives good chance to find powder snow. Cherry on the cake, this is also the northern lights season! We will have nine days on site for ski touring and sailing among the icebergs. A day out with the inuits to catch a big fish or a day on tour with the dog sledge is also a possibility.

There are only two airports on Greenland, one in Kuluusuk and one in Ittoqqortoormiit. A large part of this very little explored area is covered with snow and ice all year round. Around late March, the ice rips break, and form incredible icebergs along the coast. Kummiut, a inuit village with 300 residents, is right on the Arctic Circle, and night starts at this period around 9.30 pm (later in the spring, the sun hardly goes under).

We will fly from Reykjavik to Kulusuk, and w’ll be dropped off on the shore next to the storis with icebergs and steep coastal summits. There, Sigi and his fellow Inuits will take us right away on their snowscooter and motorboat for a 3 hours during journey in the Angmassalik fjord. Our boat will cross among the icebergs. On the shore we might get a chance to spot polar bears or lions that will confirm, if it were still necessary at that point, that we are indeed in a far away country...

After arriving in Kummiut short in the afternoon, we will make a small tour with our skis to get instructions about safety, crevasse rescue, cold management, polar bears... The expedition itself will last from day tree to day ten. The first days we will make some touring around the village and take the fishermans boat to reach several peaks around Ikaasatsivaq and Niiniartivaraq bays. All these 800 meter peaks are having amazing views over the sea. After a couple of days, we will going deeper into Greenland by snow scooter. A comfortable mountainhut with kitchen and heater will be our basecamp for the next days. Here are the mountains even much higher with steep couloirs and stunning glacierfields. As an option we can make a advanced camp with one big tent on the huge Karale glacier. We will find often good powder and during a cold and clear night we have the change to see the Aurora borealis too!

Temperatures drop drastically at night, down to minus 15 degrees Celsius and, even though we will stay in the tent for 2 nights as an option, a thick and warm sleeping bag will certainly be necessary. Polar bears are always actively looking for prey, and we will therefore all stay careful. However, a shotgun can be used to defend ourselves.

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Because the organization for such an adventure is complex, we would like to ask you to book your trip at least 3 months in advance.

A travel insurance covering mountaineering and/or alpine activities is compulsory. This insurance must cover all levels of avalanche conditions guided by a UIAGM mountain guide. Please note that some insurances do not cover back-country skiing. A travel insurance covering mountaineering and/or alpine activities is compulsory. Please send us your insurance details as soon as possible.



High quality

Our maximum group size is 6 people per guide and in rougher, more exposed alpine terrain, this number will be decrease even more. This allows us to make no concessions on quality or safety, and to give every guest enough personal space and attention to improve.


PowderGuides consists a team of international certified mountain guides with each 1000plus hours of expertise in the immense terrain. With no lost of enthusiasm they will improve your skills of freeriding and touring very fast, but they are also involved in professional training. And this last point makes them up to date on every latest trick in the profession.


All the guides speak several languages as French, German and English. If you have any question about your trip you can contact us by phone in the office or send us an email in English, French or Dutch.


What can we do for you? Although you’ll find many explanations on our Frequently Asked Questions page below. Please use the inquiry form via the contact page for customer support and service, general and specific inquires for any help.