Pierre Muller

About Pierre

When he is not guiding, Pierre can be found in a rescue helicopter or in an emergency room in the hospital of Briançon. He is a trauma doctor, and has taken part in many rescue missions to save mountaineers.

As a guide and alpinist, he has been on every continent, and has taken part in many adventurous expeditions, in central Asia, but also in the unfamiliar mountain ranges of the Polar Regions. He participated in a French expedition that went exploring an unknown area in the Cordillera Darwin, and also supported an expedition of young British officers in Kyrgyzstan, during which a first ascent has been done.

In his spare time, he is often on the road with some fellow rock climbers. He has climbed the infamous Eiger and Matterhorn north faces in winter. He has traveled to the Sahara, Yosemite, Karakoram and Madagascar for rock climbing.

His dual competency guarantees increased safety during an expedition, and it also gives him a very unique role in the Alpine and Himalayan expeditions. He takes part of the Nepalese and French mountain guide training. He has been involved as a team physician on a good number of freeride competitions.

Pierre is someone who clearly cannot sit still. He talks a lot and always knows how to infuse fun into a group. Climbing and skiing are not his only passions though: he often goes sailing on the ocean and diving deep reefs on his spare time.

He is a passionate historian and speaks fluent English, German, and Spanish. A fascinating, curious and experienced guide in our team.